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The THORTakeover Family

THORTakeover Records - THORTakeover Records is home to a group of artists, including Ahd Child, who aim to keep truth, honor, originality, and realism alive in Hip-Hop and music in general. When you get tired of the repetative nature of music in the mainstream, it's time to visit THORTakeoverRecords.com.

Godhead the General - A profound MC, Godhead the General is one of the core members of THORTakeover and one of the driving forces behind the revitalization of the Philadelphia hip-hop scene.


M3 Printing - M3 is the official printer for AhdChild.com. They print just about anything that can be printed - from business cards to t-shirts and everything in-between.

Sundae - Every Sunday, DJ Lee Jones and DJ Dirty throw Philadelphia's hottest daytime party. It's all about house music, dancing and good times. If you're in the area, make sure to put it on your to-do list. Visit the website to download tons of house mixes from DJs who have been featured at the party.


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