Nothing Expected

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  1. Restless
  2. Monster
  3. Really Sad Love Song
In 2009, every song Ahd Child creates will be released for free. The songs will span a wide variety of styles and genres. NothingExpected.com is a break from the traditional album model of delivery and will provide listeners with a more direct and immediate link to Ahd Child. What is created and release will depend on the whims of an artist, so the only sure thing is that you will not hear what you expected.



Reverse Psychology

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  1. The Deprogramming
  2. Get My Gun
  3. Perspective
  4. True Lie
  5. Hero
  6. Hopeless (featuring Joy Crowers)
  7. Resistance
  8. Playing With Death
  9. Dis(a)pair
  10. Blood of a Man
  11. Hate
Lyrics and album details
Reverse Psychology highlights Ahd Child's abilities as an MC and producer. From start to finish it is a far cry from what most people expect from hip-hop. Reverse Psychology is simultaneously creative, emotional, musical, and disturbing.
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Rough Drafts EP

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  1. Plug 1
  2. Together
  3. Song on My Mind
  4. See
  5. Not That Pretty
  6. Hamlet
  7. Two Feet
  8. Plug 2
Rough Drafts is a free introduction to Ahd Child's lyrical diversity and to his unique style of hip-hop production. From track to track, you will never know what to expect, but the surprise is always a pleasant one. For the whopping price of $0.00, this one's a no-brainer. Click the link below to download.
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Meeting of Minds

  1. Introduction
  2. The Sound of Life
  3. Lover w/Jackie Rios
  4. Sea Roller w/Mo Walker
  5. Meeting of Minds w/Mekz 1, Oo, & More Deep
  6. Time w/Mo Walker
  7. PU (Interlude)
  8. Love It w/ Doc Jones
  9. This Music
  10. Higher (Interlude)
  11. See Me Stop w/Dusky Diana
  12. James Cagney w/Dusky Diana
  13. Phosphorous Pebbles
  14. Today (Interlude) w/Oo
  15. Domingo Diablo w/Greg Morrisson and Oo
  16. Relax
  17. The Tower of Babble
Meeting of Minds, Ahd Child's debut album, takes the listener on an electronic journey through a variety of moods and musical forms, from mournful to excited and from broken beat to some sort of soulful strangeness.
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Select Discography

  • Godhead The Introduction EP (2006) Recorded, Mixed and Additional Production
  • Proe One The Byproduct (2006) Recorded, Mixed and Additional Production
  • Akua Naru The Verdict (2006) Recorded, Mixed and Additional Production
  • Royal Soyal Shango Sheep (2006) Mixed
  • Black Rose Introvenus (2005) Recorded, Mixed and Additional Production

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