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And We Move On (Ahd Child Remix) - Original song by Boris Aeven
This remix combines a bit of nod-your-head funkiness with the moodiness of the original song.

Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar - Boris Aeven
All other instruments - Ahd Child

Rough Drafts (Zip File)
Rough Drafts is a free promotional EP that was released in April 2007. Several of the tracks from it are already individually available here in the downloads section. Download the full album to get 2 extra songs - Two Feet and Song on My Mind.
1. Plug 1
2. Together
3. Song on my Mind
4. See
5. Not That Pretty
6. Hamlet
7.Two Feet
8. Plug 2

All music, lyrics, and vocals - Ahd Child

Together - from the album 'Rough Drafts'
How does a lyricist put love into words? Together tells what a loving relationship should be like through simile and metaphor.

All music, lyrics, and vocals - Ahd Child

See - from the album 'Rough Drafts'
In See, Ahd Child comments on the information we recieve every day when we read the newspaper or watch the news. Horrible things are going on all around us.

All music, lyrics, and vocals - Ahd Child

Hamlet - from the album 'Rough Drafts'
Life is a complicated and difficult journey. Sometimes while trying to void the traps and pitfalls it throws at us, we can literally become lost in thought, unable to settle on any course of action.

All music, lyrics, and vocals - Ahd Child

Not That Pretty - from the album 'Rough Drafts'
In America's big cities, we see homeless people around us all the time. Our emotional responses to them range from anger to helplessness.

All music, lyrics, and vocals - Ahd Child

Featuring lyrics and vocals by Jackie Rios, You Say will definitely get you moving. It has a deep slightly dark sound but is somehow energizing at the same time. Also, check out the video of Jackie performing the song live.

Music, Production - Ahd Child
Vocals, Lyrics - Jackie Rios

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