December 30, 2008

New for ’09

In July of 2006, I released my first album, Meeting of Minds. In April of 2007, I released a free EP, Rough Drafts. In August of 2007, I released my second full length album, Reverse Psychology. I think 2 1/2 albums in 2 years is pretty good, but then you didn’t hear much about music from me in 2008.

Well, 2008 is just about over probably over by the time you’re reading this, and I’ve decided to change up the way I’m doing things for 2009. Previously, my process has been to create rough versions of songs, figure out which ones are being used on the next album, then finish those songs. In 2009, I will be working on completing 1 song at a time. Every song I do complete will be available for free download online. There will definitely be some sort of podcast available, but I haven’t decided if it will be a part of this blog, my main site, or if the songs and related info will be posted in a new, seperate blog.

Two songs are already just about complete and several others are close to completion. Before I start publishing these songs, I need to complete some site renovations and deal with moving my studio, so you likely won’t see anything until February at the earliest. Once I get started, my intention is  to publish songs frequently – at least every few weeks – though I’m not planning to aim for the insane 1 song/week that I’ve heard of some people striving for.

For those of you who know my music (or those of you who don’t), if you have any ideas for a site name to go along with this concept, please leave a comment or send me a message.


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