April 11, 2008


Recently, I was at a mass interview/discussion with some other artists. Here are some of the questions we were asked along with my answers

Where did your name come from and what does it mean?
When I was younger I had dreams of being a grafitti artist. I wanted to put up these meaningful symbol-filled murals and stuff. The first step, of course, was coming up with a tag. I made 2. The first was already my generic internet tag. I came up a way to write it that I thought looked good. The second was Ahd. I liked the word “odd” as a name, but I couldn’t write it in a way I found apealling, so I went with an alternate spelling. “Ahd” was the short version and “Ahd Child” was the full version. The way it’s written in my logo is the same way I wrote it back then. When I started making music, I went by my internet tag first, but many people didn’t seem to know how to pronounce it, so I switched to Ahd Child (which isn’t a whole lot better in that regard, but oh well).

How and why did you start writing/poetry/music?
It seems like a lot of other people (at least in hip hop) were inspired to start rhyming by one particular person. I had no plans of writing poetry or music. I started writing poems in high school because one day I had an idea for a poem. Years later, after I hadn’t been writing for a while, I got an idea for a verse. I got home, finished writing it and recorded it using an instrumental from a CD single (remember those) and a free program I had downloaded. From that point on I started writing and recording songs for fun. As time went by, I got better and began to make my own music. Eventually I realized that this was something I could take seriously.

Why do you share your work (on stage, in writing, etc.)?
When I first started making songs, it was for fun. I’d share them with friends to hopefully get good reactions, and that was it. I just wanted people to hear this cool thing I made. Nowadays, of course that’s still part of the reason I share – it feels good when people complement your work – but it’s not the only reason. In every song I make, I try to communicate some idea or emotion. I try to make people see things in a way they haven’t before. I share my music because it is what I have to say to people – it contains my words to the world. It still feels good when someone says “I like your song” but it feels better when I hear things like “you really made me think.”


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