Atypical music. Instant delivery.

Currently, every song Ahd Child creates is being released for free. The songs span a wide variety of styles and genres. NothingExpected.com is a break from the traditional album model of delivery and will provide listeners with a more direct and immediate link to Ahd Child. What is created and released will depend on the whims of an artist, so the only sure thing is that you will not hear what you expected.


Nothing Expected
For all the latest Ahd Child music, be sure to visit NothingExpected.com. Just over a month after it's launch, the new site is proving to be quite a success. The lack of boundaries that an album can impose has given me the freedom to work in a variety of genres and styles depending on my mood of the moment.

Rough Drafts
Visit the downloads page to get a free copy of my EP - Rough Drafts

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